Greetings from Greenwood: The Postcard Project

Greetings from Greenwood: The Postcard Project

commentary by Curtis R. Fennell

The picture postcard had its heyday in the first few decades of the twentieth century. Postcards documented practically every significant development in the emerging town of Greenwood and recorded the changing urban landscape. Because they were durable and usually saved by the recipients, many still survive to tell their stories.


Long before instant electronic communication or widespread telephone access, postcards served as both personal messaging and a way of documenting local progress over the years. In this ongoing section, we'll build a record of these valuable relics and tell the stories behind the pictures.

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I love the Postcard Project and have really enjoyed seeing the old postcards of Uptown Greenwood and Lander (College) University.

Postcard Project

I think this is a wonderful project, and a terrific look at Greenwood's history. Last year was the 100th Anniversary of the Federal Building in Uptown Greenwood, and the Greenwood Music Festival printed two old postcards of the Federal Building (know as the US Post Office for many years) in the back of the Program.

Thanks for sharing these, and I look forward to seeing many more. Also, this is a great website. Thanks!!!

Thank you!

Your support means a lot and we appreciate it. I really enjoy doing the the postcards and should have some more up this weekend.