The Square in 1900

Another picture of the square from around the same time as the previous card. In this one, you can see the train depot to the left. A Coca-Cola sign has replaced the Harris Lithia Water advertisement. Other prominent businesses are indicated in the image below. Many of these are discussed in detail in our article Greenwood in 1889 (coming soon).


If anyone knows what was housed in the building on the left below, please share this information in the comments section or through the form on our contact page. The only markings visible in any pictures are the sign above the awning on the left side, which another postcard from the time shows a little more clearly. It's barely legible, but you can just make out the name "Lee's Drug Store". It's not clear whether this business occupied the entire ground floor or just a part of it.

Next, we'll take to the air and see what lies beyond the Barksdale Building.